Brian Ashton

Brian Ashton: Fall Away

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Brian Ashton

Title: Fall Away
Label: CD Baby

The title track, Fall Away, is about the suicide jumpers at the Golden Gate Bridge. Parts of this album are very dark, like Open Wound and Fall Away, both songs contemplating suicide. If you've been at that point in your life or know someone close who's been there these songs will touch you. This isn't the only theme. The other songs describe people in my life that I love and care about in some way. Simple Girl was about someone specific but I've had several people tell me they know someone just like I describe in the song. Friend is a song to my child as I watch her grow. Restoration is a mellow acoustic song with only guitar and drums. It has been the most popular song thus far, I had no idea this would be the case, and is about something more convoluted than one would realize. Two solid blues tunes compliment the album, Tainted Love and My memories. I don't like describing the songs, it takes the mystery away, however, I realize with the internet being so impersonal it's hard to make a personal connection without full descriptions of my music. You may have not had the chance to see one of my shows so this introduction is your only experience knowing me and my music. Leave comments if you enjoy the music and yes download them and spread the word to your friends. The downloading part helps pay for more albums. Thanks!

1.1 Winter Wheat
1.2 Sugar and Spice
1.3 Don't Cry
1.4 Friend
1.5 Hold Me
1.6 Restoration
1.7 Fall Away
1.8 Simple Girl
1.9 Tainted Love
1.10 My Memories
1.11 High and Babies
1.12 Open Wound

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