Asleep in the Sea

Asleep in the Sea: Yay! O.K. Yeah?

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Artist: Asleep in the Sea
Title: Yay! O.K. Yeah?

'Asleep in the Sea has only been around since late April (2004)...this up-and-coming indie rock threesome is only going to continue getting attention in the local music scene. Inspired by bands like the Flaming Lips, Deerhoof, and the Unicorns, the trio went on a remarkable songwriting frenxy, crafting enough material to play their first show in June, and even to record a five-song EP over Fourth of July weekend... this up-and-coming indie rock threesomemelodic, humorous...quirky harmonies...oddly endearing...damn catchy' - New Times feature article.

1.1 Annie
1.2 Dance on
1.3 Seashorshes
1.4 Punch in the Face
1.5 Ho Hum
1.6 Punk Song
1.7 Oh My God

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