Asphalt: Learning to Forget

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Artist: Asphalt

Artist: Asphalt
Title: Learning to Forget

After splitting recording sessions between three different studios over four years, Learning to Forget is finally a reality. 12 tracks (plus one hidden song) comprise this high-energy album with styles ranging from power-pop, to hard rock. From alternative to ya'llternative! This is a strong fourth release from blazing-hot Arizona rock band, The Asphalt, and surely not the last! As a bonus, the album comes with a companion DVD with two music videos, several live concert videos, an intimate interview with the band, and the ability to play the new album from the DVD as well! All in all a very ambitious and inspired effort from an independent label band! Two thumbs up!

1.1 Where the Past Begins 03:49
1.2 Drive 03:29
1.3 Misery 02:17
1.4 Time ; Place 03:48
1.5 Shame on Me 02:54
1.6 Even Though 03:08
1.7 Untitled 01:19
1.8 In Your Eyes 05:24
1.9 Tonight 03:47
1.10 See You Later 03:08
1.11 From Afar 03:23
1.12 Bury My Heart in Arizona (Burn the Rest) 03:38

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