Assaf Kehati

Assaf Kehati: Naked

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Artist: Assaf Kehati

Artist: Assaf Kehati
Title: Naked

ALBUM LINER NOTES: ?Guitarist/composer Assaf Kehati continues his musical journey with this offering of a collection of five original pieces and three favorite standards. Performing here with his working trio which includes bassist Ehud Ettun and drummer Ronen Itzik, the Israel-born, New York based, Kehati again reinforces his reputation as a musical storyteller. One of the reasons Kehati is an adept storyteller is his ability to both compose and play on an emotional level. The title song, "Naked", demonstrates this most ably. In regard to this song, Kehati has been known to comment, "This song was relating to the feeling of being emotionally naked - with no barriers, limits or masks. I had an image of one man standing on a mountain against a strong wind but standing strong and tall and true to himself and what he needs to do even in hard times. There is also a feeling of liberation in this song." Kehati is able to express both this kind of a visual image as well as the emotional musical content with both his melodies and improvisations. His bandmates are also on the same page with him and the trio is a tight, cohesive unit that interacts with each other to attain the utmost connection with audiences. The original songs are stories and images garnered from Kehati's growing up in Israel and his subsequent travels on international tours and are focused on resonating with the listener on the most basic emotional level. "Song For Saba" ("Saba" being the Hebrew word for grandfather) is a tribute to his beloved grandfather who died suddenly in Israel. Kehati heard the bad news in New York by telephone and was so devastated that he immediately reacted by writing this song. "Beneath The Almond Tree" creates an image of the Israeli desert with an almond tree for one to sit beneath in the shade. A depiction of horses racing and fighting in the wild is captured in "The Horses' Fight". And "Nathan Bo Rega" (translated from the Hebrew as 'Nathan, come here for a second') is a conversation with an imaginary character called Nathan. The three standard selections consist of an uptempo version of Kern's "Long Ago and Far Away", a rousing version of "When Will The Blues Leave?" and a soft, almost lullaby sounding rendition of the familiar Disney piece "Someday My Prince Will Come." All of the selections on the CD illustrate the musical closeness of the trio members and their musical conversations with each other. Let yourself enjoy the Assaf Kehati Trio's kind of storytelling, which is a musical treat for the ears as well as a conjurer of visual images. Marcia Hillman, Jazz Journalist and Lyricist.

1.1 Song for Saba
1.2 Long Ago and Far Away
1.3 Naked
1.4 Beneath the Almond Tree
1.5 Someday My Prince Will Come
1.6 The Horses' Fight
1.7 When Will the Blues Leave
1.8 Nathan Bo Rega
1.9 Outro

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