Assholeparade: Live in Restock

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Artist: Assholeparade

Artist: Assholeparade
Title: Live in Restock
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Twenty-one tracks of raw seething hardcore of one of the greatest sets from one of the greatest fast hardcore bands ever. Pro-recorded live from the soundboard in Germany and professionally mastered. Gold foil printed cover- this is quite a deluxe release.

1.1 Serve and Protect (Citizens Arrest)
1.2 Mr. Rippington's Revenge
1.3 Mopheadboy
1.4 The Uncomfortable Goodbye
1.5 Hash Thrash
1.6 700 Years
1.7 Just a Reminder
1.8 Launch Ramp
1.9 Short Fast Recovery Plan
1.10 You Sunk My Battleship
1.11 Typical Gainesville Clique Scenario
1.12 Sample
1.13 Soldiers 2
1.14 Modern Problems
1.15 Bury You
1.16 Much Preesh
1.17 Dogbite
1.18 Prelude to Ignorance
1.19 Sick of Talk (Infest)
1.20 As Nails Rust

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