Astralion: Astralion

Astralion: Astralion
Title: Astralion
Label: Limb Music

The fact that Astralion comprises of former members of bands such as Olympos Mons, the Abdication and HumanGod has the advantage that we have experienced musicians with a firm and clear target ahead of them. The musical direction of the Finns was influenced by bands such as Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, early Blind Guardian and Y. Malmsteen. In a nutshell then we are talking about broad choruses, voluminous melodies, galloping guitar attacks as well as tactful, neo-progged 6-string inserts. Speed is an important characteristic of Astralion's style, similar to early Sonata Arctica work but with higher melodic content. Yet on the other hand you cannot miss a touch of Teutonic-Metal a la Helloween.

1.1 Mysterious ; Victorious
1.2 The Oracle
1.3 At the Edge of the World
1.4 When Death Comes Knocking
1.5 We All Made Metal
1.6 Black Sails
1.7 To Isolde
1.8 Computerized Love
1.9 Mary (Bloody)

Astralion: Astralion

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