At the Dawn: Land in Sight

At the Dawn: Land in Sight
Title: Land in Sight
Label: Bakerteam Records

At the Dawn is another promising Power/Prog Metal band from Imola, Italy; another fierce pretender to the mighty throne, a band who's works unrelenting to reaching the highest rank of the noblesse title, almost ready to steal the crown of the divided RHAPSODY's kingdom. The group display a very rare elegance in their Melodic plan and some very subtle arrangements; my aim wasn't to make a sound comparison with RHAPSODY OF FIRE, as their identity is clearly different, more but to celebrate At the Dawn qualities, standing at the head of the talented frontrunners... and of course those other bands are quite experienced and blessed with many skills too !

1.1 Through a Darkened Sky
1.2 Land in Sight
1.3 Siren Call
1.4 The Deserter
1.5 Ouverture
1.6 The Offense
1.7 The Revenge
1.8 The Day When Heroes Die
1.9 Tiger Within
1.10 Ladyhawke
1.11 A Crow with No Wings
1.12 Revelations (Iron Maiden Cover)

At the Dawn: Land in Sight

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