Athlete: Beyond the Neighbourhood

Athlete: Beyond the Neighbourhood
Title: Beyond the Neighbourhood
Label: Toshiba EMI

2007 Japanese release of the band's third album that includes the bonus song, "Accidents Happen". The album was produced and recorded by the band themselves at their own studio in South East London. Beyond the Neighbourhood is an album that marks a true progression of the band's quality sound, exuding confidence and expanding their collective musical horizons with songs built around the same effortless hooks and ear catching melodies that fans have come to love since the appearance of "Westside", their debut single from March 2002. EMI.

1.1 In Between 2 States
1.2 Hurricane
1.3 Tokyo
1.4 Airport Disco
1.5 It's Not Your Fault
1.6 The Outsiders
1.7 Flying Over Bus Stops
1.8 Second Hand Store
1.9 Inthe Library
1.10 Best Not to Think Aout It
1.11 This Is What I Sound Like
1.12 Accidents Happen

Athlete: Beyond the Neighbourhood

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