Atom Eve Eclipse: Future Shock & Exorcism

Atom Eve Eclipse: Future Shock & Exorcism
Title: Future Shock & Exorcism
Label: CD Baby

Atom Eve Eclipse is one of those rare bands that successfully blend a host of styles to create their own brand of Modern music. The songs can be very full and textured to straight ahead fists meet face. All the while firmly in place to pilot you to the next tune. If you're looking for 'ooh baby' lyrics, love tunes, Rap or dance go somewhere else. The subject matter is never banal. Exploring many sides of life and dealing with real or esoteric issues is more the bands forte. Tales of struggle, triumph and twisting percetion come easily to them....always with an edge or with tongue planted firmly in cheek. You never know which... Future Shock & Exorcism is musical adventure spanning hard rock, progressive rock and modern rock with some U-turns as well. All the while complemplating mans journey through this time of upheavel at the eve of our Atomic age. One of a kind.

1.1 Reignstorm
1.2 Emotive Fire (Instrumental)
1.3 Black Tetra Sacrement
1.4 Catcherye
1.5 Silent Spring
1.6 Shiva (Instrumental)
1.7 For You I Worship
1.8 Jesus Bombay
1.9 Dead Dove
1.10 Desdemona
1.11 Motorvader
1.12 Sacrifice
1.13 Forms Currents
1.14 W.G.A.F
1.15 Unstrung

Atom Eve Eclipse: Future Shock & Exorcism

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