Attack in Black

Attack in Black: Years (By One Thousand Fingertips)

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Artist: Attack in Black

Artist: Attack in Black
Title: Years (By One Thousand Fingertips)

2009 release from the Canadian quartet. Tastefully blending a seductive mix of '60s Pop, low-fi Psychedelia, Roots and Punk music, the band have succeeded in producing an organic yet cohesive record that is representative of their multi-faceted songwriting capabilities. Using unconventional recording methods by modern day standards, Years (by one thousand fingertips) is sonically diverse. It is graced with softness, yet still brimming with abrasiveness and personality - characteristic of the band both as musicians and as individuals. Continuously evolving since releasing critically acclaimed albums Marriage and Curve of the Earth, the band's strength lies in their ability to craft infectious melodies, and create unique thought-provoking mantra's that set out to transcend Modern Rock boundaries. Universal.

1.1 Leaving Your Death in a Flowerbed
1.2 Birmingham
1.3 The Greater Niagara Circle Route
1.4 Liberties
1.5 I Could Turn Beasts
1.6 Leather Jacket
1.7 Messenger Bird
1.8 Seeds
1.9 Slender Loris
1.10 I'm a Rock
1.11 Blood (In the Tracks)
1.12 Moon of Day
1.13 Brownness of Her Curls
1.14 The Surface I Would Travel
1.15 Brownness of Her Curls
1.16 The Surface I Would Travel

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