Aubrey Dunham

Aubrey Dunham: For Lovers Only

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Aubrey Dunham

Title: For Lovers Only
Label: CD Baby

1.1 I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
1.2 Turn Off the Lights
1.3 Overjoyed
1.4 Your Love Was Saved for Me
1.5 Cleo's Back...Again
1.6 Don't You Know I Love You
1.7 You've Got to Get Your Thang Right
1.8 I Want to Be Love By You
1.9 Flyin' High
1.10 Black Cat's Bone
1.11 Down on Bending Knees
1.12 Life's Rainbow (Nature's Song)
1.13 Catch Up with the Blues
1.14 I Feel Your Love [Radio Mix]
1.15 Life's Rainbow (Nature's Song) [Radio Mix]

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