Audio Bullys

Audio Bullys: Higher Than the Eiffel

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Audio Bullys

Artist: Audio Bullys
Title: Higher Than the Eiffel
Product Type: VINYL LP

UK vinyl LP pressing. 2010 release from the British Dance duo. Recorded in a six month burst through 2009 and made with the express intent of creating an album for their mates rather than a record company, to be 'respected by the people that you want to respect you' as Si puts it, the 14 tracks range from the full on club stomp of lead single, 'Only Man' and rave anthems of 'Kiss the Sky', to the Psychedelic come down of 'Daisy Chains', the Chic guitar disco of 'Dynamite' and the Ska stylings of 'Goodbye'. Cooking Vinyl.

1.1 Drums (On with the Story)
1.2 Only Man
1.3 Daisy Chains
1.4 Feel Alright
1.5 Twist Me Up
1.6 Dynamite
1.7 Drained Out
1.8 London Dreamer
1.9 The Future Belongs to Us
1.10 Shotgun
1.11 Dragging Me Down
1.12 Smiling Faces
1.13 Kiss the Sky
1.14 Goodbye

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