Audio Cultures

Audio Cultures: Breaking the Sound Barrier

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Artist: Audio Cultures

Artist: Audio Cultures
Title: Breaking the Sound Barrier

Audio Cultures is the culmination of a network of musicians who have fused the fractal elements of Jazz, Funk, and Rock-Pop and solidified with unmistakable GROOVE.The principle members of Audio Cultures are Clyde Childress-Guitar, Albert Hobson-Bass, Dre Johnson -Drums, and Christian Boyd-Keyboards.The music is Fresh, Provocative,Assessable and can take you to a culture of musical healing Audio Cultures.

1.1 Unexpected Mingling
1.2 Is It Enough
1.3 Beautiful People
1.4 Clouded Memories
1.5 The Method
1.6 Come Together
1.7 Michelle
1.8 Heavy Traffic
1.9 The Prayer
1.10 Redemption

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