Aurora Duo

Aurora Duo: Ballet Suites

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Artist: Aurora Duo

Artist: Aurora Duo
Title: Ballet Suites

It is astonishing to recall that five years after the premiere of Swan Lake, one of the greatest of all Russian ballets, and of Tchaikovsky' three full-length ballets the one with the greatest number of memorable tunes.

1.1 No.1 Introduction, la Fee Des Lilas
1.2 No.2 Adagio, Pas D'action
1.3 No.3 Pas de Caractere. Le Chat Botte at la Chatte Blanche
1.4 No.4 Panorama
1.5 No.5 Valse
1.6 No.1 Scene
1.7 No.2 Valse
1.8 No.3 Danses Des Cygnes
1.9 No.4 Scene
1.10 No.5 Danse Hongroise. Czardas
1.11 No.6 Scene
1.12 No.1 Ouverture
1.13 No.2 Marche
1.14 No.3 Danse de la Fee-Dragee
1.15 No.4 Danse Russe (Trepak)
1.16 No.5 Danse Arabe
1.17 No.6 Danse Chinoise
1.18 No.7 Danse Des Mirlitons
1.19 No.8 Valse Des Fleurs

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