Aurra: Greatest Hits

Aurra: Greatest Hits
Title: Greatest Hits
Label: Unidisc Records

Best of collection featuring the greatest hits from Aurra. Aurra was an off shoot of the disco funk band Slave. They recorded programmed synthesized disco albums during the late 70's.

1.1 Make Up Your Mind
1.2 Send You Love
1.3 Are You Single
1.4 In the Mood to Groove
1.5 When I Come
1.6 Cheking You Out
1.7 Such a Feeling
1.8 Under Cover Lover
1.9 A Little Love
1.10 Cheking You Out
1.11 Summertime Lovin
1.12 A Little Love
1.13 Who Are You
1.14 Nasty Disposition
1.15 Kingston Lady
1.16 Keep Doin It
1.17 In My Arms
1.18 Patience
1.19 Thinking of You
1.20 Positive
1.21 Coming to Get You
1.22 You Can't Keep on Walking
1.23 Baby Love
1.24 You're the Only One
1.25 Live ; Let Live
1.26 Make Up Your Mind

Aurra: Greatest Hits

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