Autoclav1.1: Portents Call

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Autoclav1.1

Title: Portents Call
Label: CD Baby

With Autoclav1.1's 7th album 'Portents Call', proliferant Tony Young offers his listeners a cross-pollination of genres that pushes the envelope of his signature sound by stepping confidently forward with another engaging new collection of songs. Airy atmospheres, evocative vocals, subtle orchestral movements, and symmetrical synthlines blend together over gritty and addictive broken beatwork to create a dense and engaging listening experience. 'Portents Call' deploys a contrasting blend of organic and mechanical overtures along with a seamless integration of punchy polyrhythms, inter-spliced with roomy atmospheres and strong piano melodies. Watery kaleidoscopic undertones meet bassy synthlines as refreshing and uplifting atmospheres hover just above the dense and distorted movements beneath. Well-placed sonic artefacts lend a strong element of depth as atmospheric interludes break apart and reform into tight, melodious tunes. 'Portents Call' bravely travels to the edge of consciousness and evokes feelings both feverish and profoundly calming. A portentous journey of conjugated sounds and emotions. Available July 30th, 2013 on 6-panel digipak CD featuring artwork by Salt and mastered by Alexander Dietz.

1.1 The Pledge
1.2 Zoff Elemental
1.3 Black Powder
1.4 Wafer Skin
1.5 Big Lighter
1.6 Interweb Pugilism
1.7 Home Made Stratus
1.8 Odersfelt
1.9 Curiosity Missions
1.10 The Currency Stone
1.11 Erbowl
1.12 Walking Walls
1.13 Descending West

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