Autodafeh: Identity Unknown

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Artist: Autodafeh

Artist: Autodafeh
Title: Identity Unknown

Autodafeh: Home based in Sweden, Autodafeh is a trio consisting of Mika Rossi, Jesper Nilsson, and Anders Olsson. After their debut album and EP releases found massive success in the European underground charts, the men have been traveling performing live for the ever growing fan base. They have gone from being the supporting act for inspirational artists such as Front 242, to now being themselves the headliner act.

1.1 Dead Eyes
1.2 Divided We Fall
1.3 Crash and Burn
1.4 Evil Doll
1.5 Meltdown
1.6 Love, Hate and Pain
1.7 7 Sins
1.8 Brick By Brick
1.9 Hall of Fame
1.10 Fake
1.11 Outbreak
1.12 DWF [Pirate Remix]
1.13 [Untitled]

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