Autohypnosis: Conversation (In) Pieces

Autohypnosis: Conversation (In) Pieces
Title: Conversation (In) Pieces
Label: CD Baby

'Conversation (in) Pieces,' the second release by Autohypnosis, is not so much a departure from it's predecessor, 'The Surface,' as it is an expansion of it's sonic palette and a deepening of it's themes. The album's 15 songs comprise a range of musical styles -- from the infectious synthpop of 'In the Loop' to the guitar-heavy electro-rock of 'Dimension' to the acoustic melancholy of 'Long Lost,' to name a few -- but it's the lyrics, and their theme of broken communication, that make 'Conversation' so much more than just a collection of songs. 'Conversation (in) Pieces' can be taken, and enjoyed, on a number of levels, but it's an album that's most rewarding for the studious listener -- that rare soul who relishes taking in every last detail of the music and lyrics.

1.1 Recurring Dream
1.2 Thanks a Million
1.3 Razor-Sharp and Paper-Thin
1.4 Dimension
1.5 Fake It
1.6 In the Loop
1.7 And Time Moves Forward
1.8 Years
1.9 Idle Time
1.10 The Blame
1.11 Under Cover of Silence
1.12 Stars in Your Eyes
1.13 Long Lost
1.14 Sleeper Down
1.15 Post-Everything

Autohypnosis: Conversation (In) Pieces

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