Autumn Tears: Convalescence: A Retrospective

Autumn Tears: Convalescence: A Retrospective
Title: Convalescence: A Retrospective
Label: Dark Vinyl

After 7 releases, nearly 20,000 CDs sold and 10 years of silence since their last album, Autumn Tears are back with an Retrospective. Spanning the period from 1996 - 2007 "Convalescence" brings you 75 min of epic, neoclassical pieces with symphonic arrangements, lush strings, acoustic guitars, orchestral soundscapes and vocal performances that range from operatic to classical solos.

1.1 They Watch with Closed Eyes
1.2 Ode to My Forthcoming Winter
1.3 The Eloquent Sleep
1.4 This... My Melancholic Masquerade
1.5 A Dreaming Kiss
1.6 The Intermission
1.7 The Dance
1.8 The Never
1.9 The Widowtree
1.10 Pandora's Womb
1.11 Eclipse
1.12 The Last King Falls
1.13 The Hallowing
1.14 The Widowtree - Original 1998 Version
1.15 Commemoration - Demo Version
1.16 Flight - Demo Version

Autumn Tears: Convalescence: A Retrospective

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