Avalon Emerson

Avalon Emerson: Narcissus in Retrograde

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Avalon Emerson

Artist: Avalon Emerson
Title: Narcissus in Retrograde
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Avalon Emerson's Narcissus In Retrograde, explores four different styles, from symphonic showstoppers to broken acid. "Natural Impasse" ferries massive melodic themes through a network of emotive capillaries, underpinned by charging drums. "Dystopian Daddy" dons a theatrical flair with costume-changing arpeggiators and digital brass beef that command attention. The B side takes a more menacing turn with "Why Does It Hurt", the outright techno achievement, and the snarling closer "Groundwater". Ethereal vocals on the former punctuate kicks and growls, and on "Groundwater", a crucible of fucked breaks and acid cut a ravine through off-staccato hats and a sample swamp.

1.1 Natural Impasse
1.2 Dystopian Daddy
1.3 Why Does It Hurt
1.4 Groundwater

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