Aviation: Band in a Box

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Aviation

Title: Band in a Box
Label: CD Baby

Band in a Box is a varied collection of honest songs written and recorded by Aviation. By purchasing this album, you will find some of the tracks will get your blood pumping and head banging. You will feel more energetic and probably want to take up jogging too. These are very common side effects and are signs there's still hope for rock music. Other songs listed on BIAB are more laid back. Something you can 'chill' to. The guitar parts present in the album seem to wrestle with one another over a solid foundation of bass and drums. Layered with catchy lyrics and it's stuck in your head. Don't believe me? Download the album! ... or don't ... but you totally should! 'We'd like to say thank you to everyone involved in the production of this album and thanks to anyone and everyone who shows interest in what we do. We really appreciate the support given to us by our friends, family and members of the Ottawa Valley music community. Hope you enjoy the music, as much as we enjoyed recording it!' -Aviation The Band in a Box is: Jacob Cancade (Lead Guitar), Dylan Liedtke (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Robert Patterson (Drums, Vocals) and Nathan Thompson (Bass Guitar).

1.1 Lose Your Soul
1.2 Break His Heart
1.3 Tall Tale Woman
1.4 More to the Madness
1.5 The World
1.6 Glimpse
1.7 Stomping Grounds
1.8 Winter Ways
1.9 View from the Top
1.10 Angel

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