Ayala / Falu / Guastavino / Devine / Villadangos

Ayala / Falu / Guastavino / Devine / Villadangos: Latin Guitarra 1

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Title: Latin Guitarra 1
Label: Naxos Special Produc

Since ancient times, many cultures have made their homes on the South American continent and have brought with them their customs, religions and their music. It is thought that when the Spanish conquistadors came to the Americas in the early 1600s, they arrived with many unfamiliar musical instruments including an ancestor of the modern guitar. 400 years later we still see the influence of the guitar's roots in the contemporary music of composers from Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Whether influenced by native folk music or simply the cultural diversity of the region, the music included in this boxed set will surely convey the flavor that can only be expressed by the Latin guitar.

1.1 Elucídica
1.2 Suite Del Tiempo Ausente: Cristalino
1.3 La Disyuntiva
1.4 Coihues
1.5 Arrayanes
1.6 Chiloética
1.7 Tonada Del Retorno
1.8 Sentido y Razón
1.9 Tonada a Mi Madre
1.10 Anticuecas (5)
1.11 Sonata for Guitar "Homenaje a Violeta Parra"
1.12 Tonada Por Despedida
2.1 Piezas (3) Rioplatenses
2.2 Suite Del Plata No 1
2.3 Boulevard San Jorge
2.4 Serie Americana for Guitar
2.5 Sonata for Guitar No 1
2.6 Concordancias
2.7 De la Raíz a la Copa
2.8 Del Buen Riego
2.9 Chacarera Ututa
3.1 Pixaim
3.2 Plainte
3.3 Num Pagode Em Planaltina
3.4 Sons de Carrilhoes
3.5 Grauna
3.6 Agua E Vinho
3.7 Black Orpheus: Manha de Carnaval
3.8 Aquarelle
3.9 Sete Cordas
3.10 Pieces Brésiliennes: Chôro de Juliana
3.11 PÓ de Mico
3.12 Melodia Sentimental, w 556
3.13 Appassionata
3.14 Luiza
3.15 The Girl from Ipanema

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