Aye Nako

Aye Nako: Silver Haze

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Artist: Aye Nako

Artist: Aye Nako
Title: Silver Haze

Aye Nako is a 4-piece collaboration made up of Mars Dixon, Angie Boylan, Jade Payne, and Joe McCann dedicated to untangling histories of abuse, race, trauma, family, love, gender, and a misrepresentation of identity. Also a dissonant and melodic punk band carving out a space to co-exist in the fold between music, art, and politics while trying not to be priced out of New York City. Formed in Brooklyn, NY during the summer of 2010, Aye Nako has performed at basements, clubs, museums, and schools all over the country. As an update to the sound heard on Unleash Yourself, their first, self-released album, they've self recorded a new EP titled "The Blackest Eye".

1.1 We're Different Now
1.2 Sissy
1.3 Half Dome
1.4 Nightcrawler
1.5 Muck
1.6 The Gift of Hell
1.7 Particle Mace
1.8 Arrow Island
1.9 Spare Me
1.10 Nothin Nice
1.11 Tourmaline
1.12 Maybe She's Bored with It

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