Ayron Jones

Ayron Jones: Child Of The State

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ayron Jones

Title: Child Of The State
Label: Varvatos

2021 release. Guitarist/singer Ayron Jones is the new sound of Seattle. The gritty, genre-blending artist is an amalgam of the city's rich history. Child Of The State is Jones' anticipated debut. As he ascends in the rock world, he continues to break barriers. He explains, "Being black in the rock industry, I was forging a path into establishments and onto tours that had not previously embraced an artist like me. But the one thing that always changed minds and spoke for itself was the music."

1.1 Boys From the Puget Sound
1.2 Mercy
1.3 Take Me Away
1.4 Supercharged
1.5 Free
1.6 My Love Remains
1.7 Killing Season
1.8 Spinning Circles
1.9 Baptized in Muddy Waters
1.10 Hot Friends
1.11 Emily
1.12 Take Your
1.13 Time

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