Azteca: From the Ruins

Azteca: From the Ruins
Title: From the Ruins
Label: Inakustik

Azteca was a short-lived Latin Jazz Fusion group that did two records for Columbia in the early 1970's. Founded by the late Coke Escovedo and Pete Escovedo after their departure from Santana, Azteca was the first band to employ a large ensemble of horns.

1.1 Mamita Linda
1.2 Someday We'll Get By
1.3 Find Love Today
1.4 Ain't Got No Special Woman
1.5 Azteka
1.6 Pete Introduces the Band
1.7 New Day on the Rise
1.8 Non Pacem
1.9 Pete Talks to the Crowd
1.10 Peace Everybody
1.11 Whatcha Gonna Do

Azteca: From the Ruins

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