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B-Movie Rats: Radio Suicide

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Artist: B-Movie Rats

Artist: B-Movie Rats
Title: Radio Suicide

THE B-MOVIE RATS RADIO SUICIDE Derek Cristensen-Vocals Curt Florczak-Guitars Bill Graves-Bass Matt Lake-Guitars Andy Baker-Drums So what happens when a band that has been together for years busting their collective asses, records the best album of their career and then breaks up? Generally not a damned thing happens. Everyone picks up the pieces, goes their separate ways, done deal. In the case of the B-Movie Rats though, they stewed and simmered over the thing for a good five years, moved at least 3000 miles apart from each other and let time and space smooth out the jagged friendships that developed from spending way too much time in a van together. Radio Suicide was originally recorded during 2002 at Paramount/Amayrican studios in Los Angeles. With the basic tracks still fresh on the reels, the band flew to Belgium and began their second European tour. Shows were great but inner band tensions rose during the tour and the group split up after returning to the states. A few months later they reformed to finish the record but upon completion, the B-Movie Rats officially broke up. Finally, after years sitting on a shelf, the new CD titled Radio Suicide is being officially released on Pat Todd's (Lazy Cowgirls, Rankoutsiders) RankOutsider Records. Radio Suicide is sonically, a far cry from the B-Movie Rats' early punk rock and roll roots. After seven years, (1995 to 2002), two full length CDs, a dozen or so splits, singles and EPs, the band's sound developed into a full-on 70's proto-punk, hard rock roar. Radio Suicide stands as an honest culmination of the band's experiences and development during their seven-year ride. Rootsy, aggressive, and heartfelt: the "Rats" played what they had to play and said what they had to say. The B-Movie Rats are revitalized by the new release of Radio Suicide and excited by the prospects of this new chapter in their career. Shows at SXSW and in Los Angeles in spring 2008 are currently being booked. Radio Suicide is the album that will put the name of the band back on the tongues of the true rock and roll fans. The B-Movie Rats are ready to once again...deliver the goods. "sonic nods to vintage KISS (1978 and prior), the early '70s drugged-up raunch of Aerosmith, Bon Scott-era AC/DC, and even some squeal-like-a-pig-boy guitar thunder of the MC5 and Humble Pie" Designated Dale- Razorcake "Goddamn, these fuckers got good. Highly recommended."

1.1 Bad Rain in Texas
1.2 Flat on My Face
1.3 Cold After Dark
1.4 Heaven
1.5 Radio Suicide
1.6 Simmer Down
1.7 Barcelona
1.8 Renegade

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