Baaba Maal

Baaba Maal: Television

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Artist: Baaba Maal

Artist: Baaba Maal
Title: Television

With it's subtle blending of electronic dance elements and timeless West African musical traditions, TELEVISION is a groundbreaking successor to 2001s MISSING YOU. Baaba Maal worked on it's eight songs with various musicians, but most specifically in a collaboration with singer Sabina Sciubba and keyboardist Didi Gutman, members of New York's Brazilian Girls, who blend electronic dance music with a diversity of eclectic styles.

1.1 Television
1.2 Tindo
1.3 Miracle
1.4 Cantaloupe
1.5 A Song for Women
1.6 International
1.7 Dakar Moo
1.8 Tindo Quando

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