Babes: Untitled (Five Tears)

Babes: Untitled (Five Tears)
Title: Untitled (Five Tears)
Label: Barsuk

Babes, the Los Angeles, CA band comprised of siblings Aaron, Zach, and Sarah Rayne Leigh, along with cousins Jeffrey Baird and Bryan Harris, have all been playing music together since they were children and recorded their new debut album Untitled (Five Years) on a mobile rig in various places around Los Angeles. "I just don't want to cry so much anymore," says the band of the writing process and theme behind the new album. "Lots of horrible things happen to us all-friends and lovers move on or drop dead, everything changes right under our feet, and just when you start to understand something, you realize that you have no clue and it slips away. But all this pain and conflict allows us to come back with a bigger heart, with the ability to laugh in the face of any demon, to expose yourself, literally and metaphorically, to anything and feel good about it and yourself. Life is shit and if we all wink and laugh, then we can enjoy the ephemeral moments that bring us pleasure. Music brings me that pleasure so I try and do it as much as possible."Babes honed their skills recording with producers and songwriters such as Steve Lindsey (Leonard Cohen, Elton John), Jeff Barry (The Dixie Cups, The Ronettes, Phil Spector), Benji Hughes (Jeff Bridges), Charlie Midnight (James Brown) and Matthew Wilder (Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus). Untitled (Five Tears) follows their self-titled and self-produced EP releases on Harvest Records in 2014, which Buzzbands LA says "oozes with the beauty and innocence of pop's past" and Stereogum raves, "... retro strains of girl-group pop and twee in a way that will resonate with Camera Obscura fans."

1.1 I Want Love
1.2 I?Ve Got a Reason to Keep on Living
1.3 Lonely Forever
1.4 Nothing Left in My Heart
1.5 Wild Dreams
1.6 How Do You Make Love Stop?
1.7 Come Back to Me
1.8 Totally Out of Control
1.9 I Need Love
1.10 Life Come Into Me

Babes: Untitled (Five Tears)

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