Baby Animals

Baby Animals: Baby Animals/Shaved and Dangerous [Slim Pack]

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Baby Animals

Artist: Baby Animals
Title: Baby Animals/Shaved and Dangerous [Slim Pack]

The 2 classic rock albums from the brilliant Baby Animals, remastered & for the price of one! 2 CD reissue combining baby animals' two albums; 'baby animals' and 'shaved & dangerous' - both newly remastered! This coincides with the release of the brand new Baby Animals album, 'Il Grande Silenzio' which consists of their greatest hits unplugged, including 'Rush You', 'Early Warning' and 'One Word'. The bands debut album, 'Baby Animals' was released in 1991. Produced by Mike Chapman (Blondie, Pat Benatar, Divinyls) the album spent six weeks at number one, eventually going eight times platinum and becoming the highest selling debut Australian rock album of all time (until the release of Jet's album 12 years later). The album had 4 top 20 singles - 'Early Warning', 'Rush You', 'Painless' & 'One Word'. 'Shaved & Dangerous' was released in 1993. Released to positive reviews, the band supports Robert Plant on a US tour before returning to Australia to prepare for a 27 date national tour. In 1995 on the verge of their first major US tour, their US based record company folds. Not long after the band takes a (13 year) break.

1.1 Rush You
1.2 Early Warning
1.3 Painless
1.4 Make It End
1.5 Working for the Enemy
1.6 One Word
1.7 Break My Heart
1.8 Waste of Time
1.9 One Too Many
1.10 Ain't Gonna Get
2.1 Backbone
2.2 Stoopid
2.3 Don't Tell Me What to Do
2.4 Lights Out at Eleven
2.5 At the End of the Day
2.6 Lovin' Lies
2.7 Bupata
2.8 Nervous at Night
2.9 Because I Can
2.10 Life from a Distance
2.11 Be My Friend

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