Baby Bash / Frankie J

Baby Bash / Frankie J: Sangria

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Artist: Baby Bash / Frankie J
Title: Sangria

2017 release. Baby Bash and Frankie J are two multi-platinum Latin American artists who took the 00's by storm. With their collaborative hit, "Suga Suga" that soared to the top of the charts and their respective solo catalog and hits, when these two get together it is nothing short of amazing. Having never done a full project together, this project, aptly titled Sangria, is sure to satisfy fans old and new.

1.1 Candy Coated Dreamer
1.2 Body Yo Body (Feat. Paula Deanda ; Kap G)
1.3 Sangria
1.4 Lowrider (Feat. C-Kan, Kid Frost, Ozomatli)
1.5 Vamanos
1.6 Que Sera (Is This Love) (Feat. Chiquis Rivera)
1.7 Cinco de Mayo
1.8 Tennessee Honey (Feat. Marty Obey)
1.9 Butterflyr Kisses (Fea.T Paula Deanda)
1.10 Cancion de Amor
1.11 Zoom Zoom (Feat. Jay Tee)
1.12 She's Gangsta for My Love (Feat. MC Magic)
1.13 Road Trip

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