Baby Dre': Big Man on Campus

Baby Dre&
Title: Big Man on Campus
Artist: Baby Dre'
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 659057269627
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Introducing Baby Dre' a.k.a. (Antwine DaAndre' Charles Jr.) Baby Dre' was born Antwine DaAndre' Charles Jr. on December 16, 1989, in Houston Tx. He has lived in North Houston Heights most of his life. In this urbanized area of Houston, he has been able to capture the essence of life and to articulate powerful messages that transcend generational barriers. At a very early stage, his mother noticed that he exhibited a ' flare for the dramatics', which has guided him to the sensitivity of music. Guided by his Parent/Manager, Stephen, Baby Dre' is embarking on a true revolution in the rap/hip hop movement. Since beginning this journey Baby Dre' has recorded several songs, namely Holiday Dad, Never Give Up, and Dre's Mic Time. Baby Dre''s lyrics and style not only put him in a class by himself with hard hitting cutting edge flavor, but are also clean and able to be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys good music, be it an elementary school student or an adult mother of four. Not only is Baby Dre' musically inclined but he is also a magnet school student. He loves math and science related courses, as well as devoting his time to writing. As a young artist, he articulates passionate and meaningful themes that touches each and every listener down to their soul. He is supported by his loving sister, Avante' Littles, his parents and a host of relatives and friends. Baby Dre' is on the path of setting prolific standards in the Rap Industry. PAST PERFORMANCES Will Rogers Elementary: January 28,2003 (Black History Program)Appeared as Special Guest Chocolate Bayou Festival: January 29,2003 Annual CityWide Festival ( In Concert With Various Artist) Lockwood Skating Palace: March 7,2003 In Concert with Esg and Slim Thug Tenth Annual City Wide Easter Egg Hunt: April 18,2003 Performed as an invited Guest of the Houston Mayors Office (Mayor Lee Brown) Club Shaggy Blues: May 2,2003 Specially Invited Guest T-Town Car Show and Concert: May 4,2003 Specially Invited Guest Talented Tenth: May 16, 17, 18, 2003 Specially Invited Guest Fourth Of July Bash on Dixie Street : July 4,2003 Natchitoches, LA. Talented Tenth's Annual Block Party: July 19, 2003 Live Performance Annual Teen Extreme Talent Contest: July 20, 2003 Won First Place UPCOMING EVENTS 2003 Annual Labor Day Picnic Sponsored By AFL-CIO: August 30,2003 (Autograph Signing/CD Promotion) RapAlot Records Community Event: August 31- September 1,2003 (Perfomance Invitation) Hype Kids Entertainment Workshop: September 2, 2003 (Support Guest Appearance) Club Wakiki Sponsored by Blue Diamond Productions: (Open Invitation Every Sunday Night) Teen Summit: September 20, 2003 Texas Hot Sauce Festival: September 21, 2003 S.Browning Birthday Bash Celebration: September 27, 2003 (Guest Performer) Sucka Free Records Corpus Christi Car Show: September 28,2003 (Live Performance) Lanier Middle School: October 1, 2003 Live Performance Sponsored By Radio Disney/Hype Kids Katy Mills Rice Festival: October 11-12, 2003 Project Rowe House Annual Event: October 18-19, 2003 (Live Performance More Details Later) Kids Agent Review: October 24, 2003 at the Adams Mark Hotel Sponsored By Page Parkes Modeling and Acting (Live Performance) Unity In The Community Car Show and Concert: October 25, 2003 Sponsored By Talented Tenth Enterprises of Houston Uplifting Minds Talent Competition: December 13,2003 Sponsored By Freelance Associates & Music World Music YMCA Parents Night Out: March 9, 2004 Sponsored By Hype Kids Headlined For the Show Best New Talent: June 12, 2004 Won A Spot on the Talent Showcase Fifth Ward Block Party: July 18, 2004 Featured Artist NorthSide Block Party : August 27, 2004 Featured Artist Rock The Vote Campaign: October 3,2004 Sponsored By the Urban League Headline Artist Fall Festival: October 29, 2004 Sponsored By Rap-a-Lot Records Headline Act For Booking Email:

1.1 Intro
1.2 When the Skating Rink Close
1.3 B.M.O.C
1.4 All Year Long
1.5 What Is a Shorty Boo?
1.6 Shorty Boo
1.7 No Adults Allowed
1.8 R.I.P
1.9 How Many Times
1.10 Never
1.11 The Call
1.12 Holiday Dad
1.13 Wake Up
1.14 Dre's Mic Time
1.15 Never Give Up
1.16 Baby Dre' Bring It
1.17 Interview with Baby Dre'
1.18 Take the Shackles Off

Baby Dre': Big Man on Campus


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