Baby Washington

Baby Washington: Sue Singles

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Baby Washington

Artist: Baby Washington
Title: Sue Singles

1.1 No Tears
1.2 Go on
1.3 Handful of Memories
1.4 Careless Hands
1.5 I've Got a Feeling
1.6 Hush Heart
1.7 Standing on the Pier
1.8 Clock
1.9 That's How Heartaches Are Made
1.10 There He Is
1.11 Leave Me Alone
1.12 Hey Lonely One
1.13 I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face
1.14 Who's Going to Take Care of Me
1.15 It'll Never Be Over for Me
1.16 Move on Drifter
1.17 Run My Heart
1.18 Your Fool
1.19 Only Those in Love
1.20 No Time for Pity
1.21 You ; The Night ; The Music
1.22 Doodlin'
1.23 Ballad of Bobby Dawn
1.24 You Are What You Are
1.25 Either You're with Me (Or Either You're Not)
1.26 I Know
1.27 White Christmas
1.28 Silent Night

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