Babymetal: 10 Babymetal Years

Babymetal: 10 Babymetal Years
Title: 10 Babymetal Years
Label: Toy's Factory Japan

Japanese pressing of this 2020 compilation from the kawaii metal band. The number ten is the focus of the record, which celebrates ten years of the band with special selections of ten songs. The band was formed in 2010, with the original lineup of Su-metal (vocal and dance), Moametal (scream and dance), and Yui Mizuno as Yuimetal (scream and dance), with the concept of creating a fusion of the heavy metal and Japanese idol genres.

1.1 Doki Doki ? Morning 3:46
1.2 Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!! 4:00
1.3 Ijime, Dame, Zettai 6:05
1.4 Megitsune 4:09
1.5 Gimme Chocolate!! 3:53
1.6 Road of Resistance 5:17
1.7 Karate 4:23
1.8 The One 6:29
1.9 Distortion 3:06
1.10 Pa Pa Ya!! 3:58

Babymetal: 10 Babymetal Years

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