Bach, C.P.E. / Rische

Bach, C.P.E. / Rische: C.P.E. Bach: Pianoconcertos

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Artist: Bach, C.P.E. / Rische
Title: C.P.E. Bach: Pianoconcertos

A relationship to last a whole life long: demanding and grueling, fruitful throughout, yet glamorous to spectacular at the same time. He wrote his first piano concerto while still an eighteen-year-old student at St. Thomas School in Leipzig, and finished his last specimen of the genre in Hamburg in the year of his death at the age of 74. + The unmistakable new rhetoric of the piano style, which makes a surprisingly contemporary impression onus today, is already fully formulated in the "Prussian Sonatas" for piano solo; only in the piano concertos, however, does it become a great form. Despite all admiration for the later and deservedly popular "Hamburg Symphonies", this great form is consummate in the piano concertos. This refers not only to cleverly teasing the expectations of listeners, but also to the branching motivic links, the sense of the great in the small - with all long-term consequences for the dialog between soloist and orchestra.

1.1 Allegro Assai
1.2 Andante
1.3 Allegro Assai
1.4 Allegretto
1.5 Andantino
1.6 Allegretto
1.7 Allegretto
1.8 Adagio Ma Non Troppo
1.9 Allegro Assai

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