Bach / Guttler / Virtuosi Saxoniae

Bach / Guttler / Virtuosi Saxoniae: Ludwig Guttler Edition

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Bach / Guttler / Virtuosi Saxoniae
Title: Ludwig Guttler Edition

Ludwig Güttler and his Saxon virtuosos!The renowned trumpeter and conductor Ludwig Güttler presents, together with his Virtuosi Saxoniae ensemble, a unique musical compendium of the Dresden Baroque era. e series embarks on a journey of discovery in search of the vast musical diversity of that time: compositions by Bach,Telemann, Vivaldi, Zelenka and many more can be heard in new artistic splendor. Star trumpeter and conductor Ludwig Güttler founded the Virtuosi Saxoniae, principally from members of the Dresden Staatskapelle, in 1985. It is thirty years, therefore, since he created an ensemble thatsince then has presented the works of 18th century European music as it was heard in the chapel and at the theatre of the court of Saxony. True, the ensemble performs on modern instruments, but it's performance practice is true to it's historical antecedents. This anniversary has prompted the Berlin Classics label to release a Ludwig Güttler Edition on a scale never before offered. It essentially brings together the whole series of recordings that Ludwig Güttler made with his Virtuosi in the years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The history of music in Dresden understandably provides the core repertoire. As the court orchestra in the time of Augustus the Strong could boast a large number of the finest virtuosos, early-18th century Dresden was home to a form of the concerto with numerous solo instruments (one need only think of Heinichen) - a particularly rich and diverting way to display Baroque richness and splendor.At the same time, there were highly original contributions to the sacred literature, notably from Zelenka. Nor should we forget composers such as Bach or Vivaldi, who played an important part in Dresden's musical life. This box is a unique compendium and it's attractive price makes it ideally suited to all those who like their collections compact and yet comprehensive.

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