Bach, J.S. / Barta

Bach, J.S. / Barta: Six Cello Suites

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Product Type: CD

Title: Six Cello Suites
Label: Animal Music

The foremost Czech cellist Jirí Bárta brings a complete recording of Bach's cello suites. With this new album he returns to the same repertoire which he recorded 23 years ago, but enriched with life experience and offering a new interpretation. This time he has recorded all the suites on a baroque cello with gut strings and thus has come closer to the possible original sound; expressivity has been superseded by meditation and peacefulness. Bárta approaches the set of compositions as a six-movement symphony ("I remember the time when I performed the suites for the first time years ago. It felt like an epiphany: the individual suites materialized for me in a definite shape as a symphony in six movements, as a story of life in six chapters, as a perfectly logical and thoroughly structured large composition."). Bárta spent a long time studying the material and preparing the new interpretation and recording which has the aspiration to become the classical-music event of the season.

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