Bach, J.S. / Blazikova / Tournet

Bach, J.S. / Blazikova / Tournet: Magnificat

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Artist: Bach, J.S. / Blazikova / Tournet
Title: Magnificat

The Magnificat, written to celebrate Mary's joy after the Annunciation, and the oldest Christmas Cantata of Bach (Weimar, 1713), overwhelming fresco of a Nativity, foundation of the world. With these masterful works, Johann-Sebastien Bach opens up for us the gates of what is sacred as well as to our own relationship with spirituality. These pieces, amongst the most beautiful ever composed, are no doubt the best way possible to open the Christmas period. Led here by the very young but nonetheless inspired Valentin Tournet who conducts his ensemble La Chapelle Harmonique. Valentin Tournet, founder and musical director of La Chapelle Harmonique, began the group in 2017. The ensemble includes a choir and a period instrument orchestra. His repertoire, principally centered on Bach, goes from the polyphony of the Renaissance to the baroque of the Age of Enlightenment.

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