Back Before Dawn: Letters to Alley

Back Before Dawn: Letters to Alley
Title: Letters to Alley
Label: CD Baby

The debut album from Back Before Dawn, 'Letters to Alley', is the summation of 8 years of performing, songwriting and contributions from those who loved the music for it's own sake enough to volunteer their time, money and effort towards making the studio recording a reality. With insightful lyrics and catchy melodies, the music has something for everyone. Back Before Dawn was started by Janine Hahn and Jesse MacNett in the summer of 2005 with just a single email containing a guitar riff. They wrote many songs from that moment on and built their sound from the ground up. With influences ranging from heavy rock genres to folk singer/ song writers, the band has developed a distinctive sound.

1.1 Move on
1.2 Alley Waits
1.3 Sweet Surrender
1.4 The Center
1.5 Dull the Pain
1.6 Strike Me Down
1.7 The Bottom
1.8 Collide
1.9 Anymore
1.10 Reflections
1.11 Gone
1.12 Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Back Before Dawn: Letters to Alley

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