Back to Earth

Back to Earth: Piano

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Back to Earth

Title: Piano
Label: CD Baby

Back to Earth - the most successfull relaxing instrumental music from Switzerland ('Swiss TV') FEEDBACK FROM CUSTOMERS ALL OVER THE WORLD: Back to Earth - 'the best in relaxing music' - 'this is the soundtrack for my heart and soul' -'The tracks generate a calm and harmonious mood, ideal for relaxing and dreaming. Music that awakens hidden feelings and won't let you go' - 'Music for emotional moments' - 'Artistic, poetic, meditative' - 'Smooth lighten your mood' - 'An ocean of deft and graceful sounds' - 'Balm for stressed-out souls, peace for restless minds, a tonic for hard-core realists, they dare you to dream' -'Instrumentals that enchant' - '.... persuades ever more stressed individuals to slow down, listen and relax'. 'Your music gets under my skin' - 'Sinuous music' - 'Your music makes me think I have wings' - 'Listening to this music, I could go on dreaming for ever' - 'Caresses for the soul' - 'Your music gives me strength and joy'-'Music from the heart' - 'Your music stays with me all day' - 'My patients imbibe this music like medicine for the soul' - 'Your music has changed my life' - 'The sound of beauty. Absolute relaxation and a wonderful feeling' - 'Wonderful music that helps one to day-dream, relax, reflect and enjoy life' - 'A journey into the land of dreams, beautiful' - 'To relax, calm,and delight, wonderful' '...the best music I ever heard, I listen to it every day' - 'can't wait for your new CD...'

1.1 Still in Love, Pt. 1
1.2 When All Is Said and Done
1.3 Signs and Traces
1.4 Promise to Your Heart
1.5 Sky Road Memories
1.6 The Spirit of Time
1.7 New Expression of Delight
1.8 Still in Love (Interlude)
1.9 The Silent Sound Returns
1.10 The Perfect Moment
1.11 Children of Hope
1.12 Rain Over Clifden Bay
1.13 All Alone (New Recording)
1.14 Still in Love, Pt. 2
1.15 Yin ; Yang
1.16 White Shadow

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