Backlash: Through Different Eyes

Backlash: Through Different Eyes
Title: Through Different Eyes
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

Backlash was formed in 1991. Their aim was to start a hardcore band based on the bands that had influenced them. Bands like Breakdown, Killing Time, & Sick of It All. That was their time. That's what was happening back then. The Ritz, Marquee, CBGB, City Gardens, Limelight, Tune In, & of course in Newark, NJ there was Studio 1. On November 22nd, 1991, they played their 1st as a four piece 'old school NYHC' influenced band from North Jersey. They drew kids- mostly friends and family- and earned their way up the ladder at Studio 1 playing with bands like Murphy's Law, Leeway, Cro-Mags, Shelter, Life of Agony, Ignite, Biohazard, Merauder, & many more. In the years to follow, their demo and first few 7's made it around and they toured most of the east coast and into the depths of PA and Ohio- gracing the stage with bands like Guilt, Slugfest, VOD, Outspoken, Face Value, Confront, Chokehold and many more. They became close with their OC brothers Ignite- touring with them, Downer, and Earth Crisis. In 1997, after 8 years of service in the NJHC scene, Backlash called it quits. 10 years later, they were offered a spot on one of the last few CBGB's shows ever. On August 26th, 2006, BACKLASH played along side bands like Uppercut, Outburst, and Merauder on that legendary stage. Backlash tore things up one last time. Backlash accomplished more than they ever thought possible when they started. They did what they loved and they did it with pride. Sure, there were plenty of other bands that sold more records, played better shows, or signed to bigger labels, but Backlash was completely satisfied with the impact they made on their scene, their fans, and the lifelong friends they made along the way. Nearly 20 years ago, a few guys from Teaneck, NJ started a hardcore band. Their intent was just to play some shows in town and have some fun doing what they loved. They never thought it would be something that stuck with them two decades later. And while BACKLASH was never a huge deal compared to some of their contemporaries, they did more than just survive in the 8 or 9 years we were active: four seven inches, a European 12', an 11 song CD, and countless compilations. Toward the end of 2009, they reunited with Scott Foster of 1124 Records who released the OnceAgo 7' back in 1993 to do a complete discography of everything they'd recorded and released. 28 songs- double LP- a mix of colored vinyl- and beautiful gatefold cover. The record is now complete .

1.1 Search
1.2 Drop
1.3 Not My Kind
1.4 Sustain
1.5 Self Assured
1.6 Do You Know?
1.7 No More Reason
1.8 The Other Side
1.9 Starting Place
1.10 Common Place
1.11 All the Same
1.12 Why I'm Mad
1.13 Once Ago
2.1 Into Nowhere
2.2 I'll Get Mine
2.3 Inside
2.4 Don't Count Me Out
2.5 Public Domain
2.6 Solved with Violence
2.7 Outro
2.8 Teachings
2.9 Perseverance
2.10 Go for Self
2.11 Caged
2.12 Breakout
2.13 Not My Kind
2.14 Sustain
2.15 Wise Up

Backlash: Through Different Eyes

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