Bacon Fat

Bacon Fat: Art of Freedom

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bacon Fat

Title: Art of Freedom
Label: CD Baby

The future of music in all it's appearances, thus also rock music, lies in the wise words Miles Davis gave us decades ago: transcend and include, play what you know AND above what you know. And that's exactly what Bacon Fat did on their third album. The band still sports the fat boogieblues sound from the early years but on the other hand they keep adding different musical directions to it. With the addition of electric piano and saxophone on several tracks the sound got wider and new possibilities occured. Unnecessary to mention the ZZ Top influence as it's always been a major one for W. Johnson (gtr/voc). 'One on One' is most likely the closest Bacon Fat came to ZZ so far. For the first time other influences appear very clear on the recording. Opening track 'You can do it if you want it bad enough' unmistakably reminds of Motorhead while 'Art 1' and 'Art 2' bring together Miles Davis and psychedelic warriors like Gong and Hawkwind. Apparently this results in climaxes which seem to come straight from a Sun Ra record. The main title on this album is without a doubt 'Liberty Bell', a nearly 9 minute epic which takes you from soft jazz over latin to heavy stonerrock AND back. Oh, and watch out for them bongo drums... Despite the many different musical genres which seem to appear, the album stands on itself as a solid rock album. Bacon Fat again manages to fit in the weirdest stuff without losing it's very own identity. In other words: this is a must have for every true music fan!

1.1 You Can Do It If You Want It Bad Enough
1.2 She's Cocaine
1.3 One on One
1.4 Sevcan
1.5 Play with Feel
1.6 Art 1: We Shouldn't Do That
1.7 Live ; Die for Rock 'N Roll
1.8 Talking Jayme
1.9 Thug Job
1.10 My Baby and Me
1.11 The Tale of Scott and Louie
1.12 Liberty Bell
1.13 Art 2:... But Then Again... Freedom

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