Baifan: Natural High

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Artist: Baifan

Artist: Baifan
Title: Natural High

Musical artist, active participant of electric music scene in China. In 2008, he Joined SHANSHUI record---a famous Chinese record label of electric music and released his work in SHANSHUI's collection album .. . He was also in the lineup of SHANSHUI's first nationwide tour, including seven cities. Baifan is a pursuer of melody, deeply influenced by Foo Fighters. In August, 2009, Baifan released his debut EP .. and toured six cities afterwards, brought out the sound of warmly LO - BIT to the audience. The EP had a special feature of Japanese musician AONAMI's '70's Literary Youth Remix'. Following Baifan's young and sensitive melody, you will find yourself Roaming in a world of 'Natural High' ??/?????????????·????????????????????????? Baifan?1st?????NATURAL HIGH???????! 2009?8??????6??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5?????07??????????????????????AONAMI(??)???REMIX????1????2????????????????????????????Baifan??????????????????????! Released by Shanshui Distributed by Intikrec.

1.1 Back to the Future
1.2 Hello Everybody
1.3 70's Literary Youth (Sunny Day Remix By Aonami)
1.4 Love Is Not So Sample
1.5 The Fear Inside My Heart
1.6 Change Course

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