Baldrs Draumar: Forfedres Fortellinger

Baldrs Draumar: Forfedres Fortellinger
Title: Forfedres Fortellinger
Label: CD Baby

Lyrics 1. Baldrs Drømmer Ages ago, nine worlds were ruled by the mighty gods of old Every one of them being stronger and wiser than any man would ever become Sadly, the fairest and brightest of them all suffered from prophetic dreams In which both the end of times and his own death were predicted Restless his father traveled the worlds, trying to secure his son's life, but he tried in vain... 2. Eden Av Guder, Mennesker Og Trær A god gave birth to a son, fair of feature Cloaked in light, called forth as holy His name was Baldr the Bright None shall gainsay his judgment Integral in his majesty As a god's son should be Swear on the blackened heart Of gods, men, and trees Trust in the promises Of gods, men, and trees Take now the oath Of gods, men, and trees Hearken the pledge Of gods, men, and trees With the night came the dreams The twilight brings the abandoning His departure from Asgard Saluting the shadows of Hel The superior son of a god Looked upon with envy Strong as a bear, son of Odin Brave and young in the face Became by a dream suddenly Vulnerable like a child Baldr the Bright His own death he did foresee Gathered the roots of Yggdrasil All nine the worlds are combined The prophecy undermined Strong as a bear, son of Odin Brave and young in the face Became by a dream suddenly Vulnerable like a child Ignorant fools, you cannot deny What fate has decreed for you? Abide the consuming of the soul For by the view of future he will die Die! 3. Med Sleipner Rir Er With Sleipner he rides through the night With the gods on his side he rides! Through the darkness he goes overwhelming his foes With the gods on his side he rides! Through the darkest of night Through the deepest ravine Odin doesn't bother With his end in sight Risking his life For he who'd be killed by his brother On his steed day and night, dark winters and light Countless different horizons Choirs in the dark, musicians and bards All sang of his journey Led by a flute, horns and a lute Smaller became the horizon Behind those gates, what everyone hates He loves; it's the end of his journey 'Wise-woman, cease not! I seek from thee All to know that I fain would ask Who shall the bane of Baldr become, And steal the life from Odin's son?" Many enemies fell, knelt for his yell Now he rides towards hell Battles he'd fought and wisdom was taught Now he rides towards hell The runes did tell, he had to descend And past Yggdrasil he had to find hell Mounted to Niflhell Now he rides in hell No horn and no lute, a silent salute His first careful paces in the dark Forward he stepped, passed brave men who wept No single sign of Baldr The infinite chill could not break his will Vegtam found her in the dark She was very wise, though in disguise Did she know about Baldr? Sleipner, noble steed! Sleipner, mount of Asgard! 5. Hod Og Mistelteinen Neither sword nor axe could touch him Unharmed by forged steel Gods trying their weapons Found him hard to kill The pledge was sworn, the god was safe Nothing they care about But lovely little mistletoe Was too weak to swear Kept a mysterious secret One burden more to bear As fast as light came mistletoe Flesh and heart he pierced Soaked the ground with guts and blood By word and oath preserved But what he did and what he'd done The righteous god of wisdom Was never hailed in battle hymns Though true came Baldr's dreams Ancient giant Loki Intended to take the light From he who was immortal Against power, sword, and might In everlasting darkness Hod took up a spear And killed with it his brother Slaughtered like a deer Earthly life came to an end But Baldr's soul lived on Baldr's dreams! 6. Kremasjons Ild Slowly beats the water against the ship; a death poem's rhythm Morose howls the wind, splits the night with her voice Softly cry the women on the wave-breaking shore While the men carry Baldr his body to the sea When darkness falls and clouds float by Bolts of lightning are colouring the sky Don't worry about the stars who hide This ship doesn't need a final guide Lonely in the twilight, but mighty on his own A floating piece of battered wood Commences it's beautiful path ahead And on it is Baldr, neither laughing nor sad Funeral fire! Burn the ship! Spirits flow from the casket of souls Meeting warmth of eternal fire We trust you to the depths of the sea Consume the body, maintain the soul Fiery tongues reach the dragon's mouth As the ship blows towards the horizon Sinking deeper in the sea Biting flames consume the dead Spreading the scent of burning flesh Sinking deeper in the sea Light fades and darkness comes Water and fire, drown and burn The ship sunk in the sea Slowly fades the light under the cloak of darkness Morose there sounds a horn, a saddening farewell Softly beat the waves, drums for the dead While all the women weep and all the men raise their horns 7. Hels Krav Baldr did not fight with a sword on the battlefield And he never swung his war axe around He did not spill the dark blood of his enemies Nor did he ever held weapon or shield When he died by his brother's spear of treachery He was not sent to his father's great halls Every brave man wanted to reach Valhalla Baldr's godlike spirit was doomed to Hel "No!" Frigg cried Staring at her son who died Baldr, my son Your spirit is now gone! I will reach you In happiness receive you Talk to Hel About a son who fell Beg for grace From the world that you embrace And if they whine You again will be mine The deepest darkness fell in the world of the gods Brightness went to hell, leaving Frigg behind with thoughts About the dying soul, of her son far from here Living in the twilight of the undermost sphere A query for the goddess, who reigns over the dead A question for the empress and this is what she said: "If everyone weeps around the world tree The imprisonment is over and Baldr will be free." 8. Og Dere Skal Sørge You shall mourn! Mourn, Asgard! Your brother and son is no more You shall mourn! Mourn, Midgard! Cry for the god of wisdom's death You shall mourn! Mourn, Helheim! To send your brightest back to home Every man shall mourn A thousand anguished tears will be shed Thy son shall only leave my darkened throne And travel through the twilight to come back home If every creature of every world sheds it's tears In the mists of despair The Earth will drown by the tears of gods A cascade of divine sorrow Our grief shall darken the sun And the most splendid stars are shining pale Everyone shall mourn for the god Who was sent to the cold black realm We can get him back from below By showing our immense sorrow Sorrow And you shall mourn Lead my son out of here And bring him to me Never shall he leave me or the spirits who dwell In the darkness of the caverns, in the kingdom of Hel If only one man or beast refuses my request And without grief or sorrow lies himself to rest So, mighty men of Midgard, lay down shield and sword And mourn in your homes and halls, request with every word The freedom of the brightest and the wisest of them all Now mourn for the fate of Baldr, and let him hear your call 9. Slangen Forgifter Den Utkledde Loki was chained and bound by Odin to a rock Tied on the coast, leaving his body there to rot With a monstrous serpent above his head Spitting his deadly venom for the dead And thus died Loki who betrayed the world of gods Bound by fate, left alone with his thoughts On the cold stones, by the salt sea Taken vengeance for thee Almighty Baldr God of wisdom Son of Odin Let thy spirit be free Strong white fangs deep inside your flesh Blood running cold from faintheartedness Sly giant Loki could not be kept Alive by his wife who tried and wept Let the serpent beast tear your head apart May his venom burn deep inside of you The strong poison is running through your veins It is mingling with your treacherous blood You deserve to die, Loki, false herald Your torment shall be the tale of every living Skald The corpse of the giant was preserved by the sea And every time the water dropped,

1.1 Baldrs Dr Mmer
1.2 Eden Av Guder, Mennesker Og TR R
1.3 Med Sleipner Rir Er
1.4 Vegtamskvi a
1.5 Hod Og Mistelteinen
1.6 Kremasjons Ild
1.7 Hels Krav
1.8 Og Dere Skal S Rge
1.9 Slangen Forgifter Den Utkledde
1.10 Til Sine Dagers Ende
1.11 Ved Valhallas B L

Baldrs Draumar: Forfedres Fortellinger

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