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Balfe / Silver / Carby / Tocci / Church / Bonynge: Michael William Balfe: Satanella

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Title: Michael William Balfe: Satanella
Label: Naxos Opera Classics

1.1 Preludio
1.2 Act I Scene 1: Introduction: Donor of This Lordly Fete
1.3 Act I Scene 1: Quartet and Chorus: Thanks, Thanks, My Friends
1.4 Act I Scene 1: Song: My Heart Is Not My Own
1.5 Act I Scene 1: Concerted Piece: My Lords, I Pray You Judge
1.6 Act I Scene 2: Song: Oh! Would She But Name
1.7 Act I Scene 2: Scena and Cavatina: What Daring Mortal
1.8 Act I Scene 2: Drinking Song: When Fortune Frowns
1.9 Act I Scene 2: Recitative and Cavatina: Myself Once More
1.10 Act I Scene 2: Finale: There's a Power Whose Sway
1.11 Act II Scene 1: Recitative and Air: Ah Me, How Wretched
1.12 Act II Scene 1: Romance: An Angel Form in Dreams
1.13 Act II Scene 2: Pirates Chorus: Rovers, Rulers of the Sea
1.14 Act II Scene 2: Song and Chorus: My Brave Companions
1.15 Act II Scene 3: Recitative and Ballad: Ah! Me, Too Human Thou
1.16 Act II Scene 3: Finale: Smile, Oh Heaven!
1.17 Act II Scene 3: Procession: To Hymen's Love - Crowned Altar
1.18 Act II Scene 3: Ensemble: The Priest, Now Robed
1.19 Act II Scene 3: Finale: Up and Arm Ye, Every Brave
2.1 Act III Scene 1: Introduction: Upward from the Nether World
2.2 Act III Scene 1: Recitative and Grand Duet: Tho' the Angry Bolt Has Sped
2.3 Act III Scene 2: Market Scene: Merry Tunis, Ope' Thy Mart
2.4 Act III Scene 2: Concerted Piece: A Fair Circassian
2.5 Act III Scene 2: Sextet: Oh, Woe! Despair!
2.6 Act III Scene 2: Romance: Sultana Zulema
2.7 Act III Scene 2: Arietta: Would'st Thou Win Me
2.8 Act III Scene 2: Recitative and Cabaletta: No Rival Shares a Throne
2.9 Act IV: Serenade: Haste, Lovers, Haste
2.10 Act IV: Song: No Prize Can Fate
2.11 Act IV: Finale: Dread Shadow, Speak
2.12 Act IV: Oh, Tenderness Sublime

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