Ballroom Thieves

Ballroom Thieves: Deadeye

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Product Type: CD

Title: Deadeye
Label: Nettwerk

Life on the road for a burgeoning band is easily glamorized, yet the lifestyle can also be a trying one: The suffocating isolation of a van, the misery of being separated from home and loved ones, the unspoken grievances that stack tensions high. If you're unprepared, this life can become your downfall. For Boston's The Ballroom Thieves, it became their sophomore album, Deadeye.

1.1 Peregrine
1.2 For Mercy
1.3 Canary
1.4 La Mer Peu Profonde
1.5 Anybody Else
1.6 Pocket of Gold
1.7 Trouble
1.8 Bees
1.9 Blood Run Red
1.10 Noble Rot
1.11 Bartering
1.12 Storms
1.13 Sea Legs
1.14 Meridian

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