Ballycotton: Jenseits Vom Ende Der Zeit

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Artist: Ballycotton

Artist: Ballycotton
Title: Jenseits Vom Ende Der Zeit

The band successfully merges the musical styles from different cultures, letting them develop into something special, something completely new that is Ballycotton. Enjoy guitars, violin, accordion, percussions, bass and overtone singing. 'Sheet lightning illuminates the horizon. Bright red leaves crackle in the bonfire. A wisp of fog floats over the valleys and mountains ... Images like these are captured by the spiritual eye when listening to Jenseits vom Ende der Zeit. The new album by the successful Austrian fantasy folk group Ballycotton is just waiting to be heard. With the 13 treasures that the innovative quintet pulled from the fires of creativity, the musicians have once again proven that they belong to the crème de la crème of the Austrian folk music scene. And also that the wait was well worth it for the exceptionally gifted instrumentalists' steadily growing, loyal audience: The album takes Ballycotton's music to a new level and unites quick, guitar-oriented folk hits with groovy gypsy rhythms; dreamy violin sounds with soulful accordion passages, and earthy percussion with exotic overtone singing. And above it all, there's a magic that transports the listener to broad musical horizons ...' (Mario Kern, journalist, poet) Musicians and instruments: Christina Gaismeier - violin Alex König - guitar, bouzouki, mandoline Peter Beinhofer - accordion, voice Robert Polsterer - guitar, e-bass, voice, overtone singing Harald G. Binder - percussion.

1.1 Spiel Mich (Tag Und Nacht)
1.2 Metamorphose
1.3 Wetterleuchten
1.4 Nebelstreif
1.5 Hinterwelt
1.6 Die Reise
1.7 Morgens
1.8 Cuba Libre
1.9 Begegnung Im Horizont
1.10 Traumt Nzer
1.11 Jenseits Vom Ende Der Zeit: Leben
1.12 Jenseits Vom Ende Der Zeit: Sehnsuche
1.13 Jenseits Vom Ende Der Zeit: Schlussakkord

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