Balsa Racers

Balsa Racers: Entangle Mental

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Balsa Racers

Title: Entangle Mental
Label: CD Baby

'Entangle Mental' was written, performed, arranged, and recorded by Oscar Laun (with the exception of the lead guitar on 'Hear Those Words' played by guest artist Paul Kandera). In addition to the 'traditional pop and rock' influences (Beatles, Police, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rush, etc), Oscar's music is influenced by small group and big band jazz, R & B, and commercial jingles (you know: the ones you can't get out of your head which will not be repeated here for fear of causing musical grief). 'Entangle Mental' is a release of demos that have been fully produced: good enough but not perfect. Inside, you may find some quirks and scars, but they should not detract form the enjoyment of the material, and it is hoped you will find them endearing and maybe even...cuddly? Oscar has been working with artists and bands in San Antonio Texas for over 10 years at 'G.O. Recording Studio' and has recorded and performed on albums by Monkey Soop, Secret Man, Confusion Only, The Lost Notes, Sir Rodney Warner, April 'Pantheress' Wynn, and many more. He is also putting videos on There is probably a lot more that can be said, but, sadly, he's not the best press agent.

1.1 A New Tale
1.2 Disastardly Fascination
1.3 5 Color Photographs
1.4 Silver
1.5 One for Now
1.6 Hear Those Words
1.7 All Roads
1.8 Parable
1.9 Open Eyes
1.10 Seasonal Party
1.11 Words Have Weight
1.12 Fallen Angel
1.13 One for Now Cheese Flavored

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