Balthazars Machine

Balthazars Machine: Reconstruct Me

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Title: Reconstruct Me
Label: CD Baby

During the 90's Börje Reinholdsson vas singer in the famous Swedish rock group The X-Union. The group recorded 2 albums and did a lot of touring. 1997 the group splitted and Börje started to produce other artists. He had great succes with the alternative national soccer song during the soccer world cup finals 2002. Back on the rockscene once again, Börje started up his soloproject called Balthazars Machine. With cutting edged hardrock, punk attitude and brilliant melodies the album 'Reconstruct me' brings Börje back to his hard rock roots. Now Balthazars Machine has a great fanbase in Scandinavia and tours a lot. The record has been on heavy rotation in a number of radiostations all over Europe and the song 'Little Rick' has been a big hit all over the place. Here exlusive on CD Baby, You can now experience the hard rockning world of Balthazars Machine!

1.1 Every Time I See Your Face
1.2 Never Coming Back
1.3 Little Rick
1.4 Remotecontrolled Addiction
1.5 Always Walk My Way
1.6 Happy Man
1.7 Reconstruct Me
1.8 Devotion
1.9 Scratching the Surface
1.10 Don;#180;T Need

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