Bam Bam

Bam Bam: Big Thangs

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Artist: Bam Bam

Artist: Bam Bam
Title: Big Thangs

The Industry's pipes are clogged with every city's hardship cases. It's become harder and harder to tell one street corner from another. But every city, every country, every island has it's rare gem, it's "Diamond in the Rough". From out of Galveston, TX the people's diamond, the Voice of the Island, has dusted his boots off and taken another step towards domination. Most ironically, Bam Bam wasn't raised on the streets. Born on December 22, even his name Octavius Atkins, has the essence of greatness about it. He was loved and cared for in one of the rare two parent homes. By the third grade after reading, from cover to cover, a how to book on rap by the Fresh Prince; Bam Bam was soon making up his own little nursery rhymes. Having two loving parents, grandmother, basketball and a best friend doesn't mean life was perfect. By the age of 15 Bam Bam had lost his beloved grandmother, his best friend and most tragically his father. The knowledge Bam Bam acquired from his tattered copy of his Fresh Prince book, became his outlet. The pain that poured from his heart dropped like ink onto paper and his rhymes began to dull the ache. It was a desperately needed release and the catalyst for the man that stands before you today; that diamond lovingly shined then dusted in despair. With several full-length underground releases under his belt along with his debut album "Da Voice of the Island" and an imposing list of shows and features, Bam Bam will soon be stepping out of obscurity and into your homes with his upcoming release entitled "BIG THANGS". For years Bam Bam has operated below the radar but this new release will be his big announcement to the world that BAM-BAM has officially stepped into the game and will implement change that will redesign the face of the Music Industry. "After hearing so many people tell me I can't do it. I realized that it was time to shake things up", says Bam Bam. He adds, "I feel like I have to win it for them too now." Whoever Bam Bam does this for doesn't dull the shine he emits for the world to see. Step by step, heartache after heartache, memory after memory; the dream that once seemed impossible stands before him like a beacon. The love of those he lost along the way, shine just as bright behind the lyrics of every rhyme.

1.1 Swag So Gangsta
1.2 Blowing My Mind
1.3 I'm Missing You
1.4 Riding on Chrome
1.5 My Baby
1.6 Big Thangs
1.7 Shake It
1.8 Let Me Take You There
1.9 She Move
1.10 I Don't Want Nobody
1.11 Paparazzi
1.12 I Have a Dream

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