Band of H.M. Royal Marines

Band of H.M. Royal Marines: Summon the Heroes

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Artist: Band of H.M. Royal Marines
Title: Summon the Heroes

1.1 Summon the Heroes
1.2 Sailing
1.3 A Life on the Ocean Wave
1.4 Eternal Father / Sunset
1.5 Ashokan Farewell
1.6 Over the Hills ; Far Away
1.7 Fantasia on British Sea Songs
1.8 Scarborough Fair
1.9 Hands Across the Sea
1.10 Extremeo Vitualamen [Live]
1.11 Pearl Harbour: There You'll Be
1.12 The Captain General
1.13 Home Away from Home
1.14 [Excerpt]
1.15 Britannic Salute
1.16 The King's Speech on the Outbreak of War (Eternal Father)
1.17 Sailing [Vocal Version]

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